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Estamos aqui!

8 March 2008
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We made it to Madrid! Our trip was pretty uneventful except for one missing suitcase (with most of my shoes!), but supposedly the suitcase will be delivered today. MC and I went to the school this morning to see which class we test into and the evil side of me couldn’t help but laugh the entire time because the test was written entirely in Spanish and I knew MC was lost. Luckily, he was laughing, too, and they placed him in the beginning level as expected. He did, however, understand quite a bit of the test, he just had to answer all the questions in English. I think he is going to do really well and advance quickly. Unfortunately, our classes were scheduled at different times of the day, but we talked to the director and changed my class so we can be at school at the same time. In fact, we are waiting at our apartment right now (hoping the suitcase shows up soon), and then heading back to the school for our first class this afternoon.

We actually got into Madrid yesterday and took the metro from the airport to our apartment. And then promptly decided that when we leave, we’ll be taking a taxi to the airport. The metro is very easy to navigate, we just have a lot of luggage. (And, of course, that was with one fewer suitcase than we’ll have when we leave). Since I had talked myself into thinking our apartment was going to be horrible, it’s much nicer than I expected. We have two shared bathrooms and a kitchen and living space. There’s also wireless internet access, so we really will be able to keep up with blogging and email. There are five bedrooms and MC and I have the only double. We have three roommates from Sweden who will all be here until July, and one roommate from England who will only be here for another two weeks. Luckily, the rest of the world is not as ignorant as the United States, so all three roommates from Sweden speak English. But there is still quite a bit of communicating in Spanish, so we’ll still practice outside of class.

I think I will join MC in napping a little before class. Normally I don’t like sleeping during the day, but maybe a nap will get me functioning better before I go and embarass myself trying to speak Spanish with a jet lagged brain. I’m sure MC will have his own version of the events so far once he catches up on sleep. More later!


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  1. cotton hill permalink
    19 March 2008 12:09 pm

    bark! bark! bark! bark! bark! bark! bark!
    Thought you might miss my kenel of dogs bark’n next door!
    bark! bark! bark! bark! bark!

  2. conison permalink
    19 March 2008 2:12 pm

    hey, you know what’s as annoying as two dogs in america barking for hours?

    two dogs in spain barking for hours!

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