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First Day Addendums

18 March 2008
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Let me fill you in in the minor details Al forgot. First: contrary to popular opinion, the British are NOT the most organized people on the planet. At least not at the airport. Aside from the roving ticket desks (there is no fixed counter for any airline), they also refuse to have a fixed gate for each aircraft, meaning you have to stand in the main lobby of the terminal and stare at the LED board until your gate pops up, usually 15 minutes before your flight. And conveniently, the board is facing perpendicular to the oh-so-comfortable lobby chairs so there is absolutely no chance that you can sit in said lobby chairs and view said board. Brilliant. Second, and in support of point 1, they really need to get that Terminal 5 up and running at Heathrow. The “take a bus to the check-in point, go thru security (again) and take another bus to the departing terminal while your luggage sits out in the pouring rain” idea leaves much to be desired. Third, babies screaming in Spanish for the entirety of a two-hour flight are just as annoying as babies screaming in English. Just so you know.

I can speak positive volumes about British Airways, though. Somehow that accent makes all the usually annoying things about flying more bearable.


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  1. cotton hill permalink
    19 March 2008 12:10 pm

    This is my favorite new website…oh and how come its gotta be “Conorson” and not “Alliser”? Who wears the pants overseas? huh? Team V ftw!

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