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Semana Santa

20 March 2008

MC and I just returned home from class for the day and for the week because tomorrow is a vacation day! This week was Semana Santa in Spain, so as the director of our school put it, everything is cerrado (closed) on Thursday and super-cerrado (super-closed) on Friday. Tomorrow, instead of class, we are going on a tour of “Madrid de las Asturias“. It should be interesting because it will be conducted entirely in Spanish. We’ll see how much my comprehension has improved.

This week in class has been great. MC’s Spanish has improved dramatically, and I already feel much better about mine. Except for the times I remember how much I still have to learn. But we’re both enjoying our teachers and classmates a lot. And, of course, we’re spending an adequate amount of time in the bars because everyone knows that’s where Spanish is best practiced. I really wish we could avoid it, but we don’t want to waste our tuition by not doing our homework.

More to come from me this weekend, and to whet your appetite, I know MC has some entries in the works about socio-alcoholic observations. I’ll leave you all to decide what you think they might be…


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  1. Bruce permalink
    21 March 2008 9:40 am

    Al, It sounds to me like you are having way too much fun. To prepare oneself for a job at an art museum one should spend more time at the Prado and less time killing brain cells in the bars.

  2. conison permalink
    22 March 2008 8:33 am

    Actually, it’s a scientific fact that drinking kills off the slow brain cells, so we’re just trying to make ourselves a little smarter by cutting the fat before going to the Prado!

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