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La Lista de España

23 March 2008

Random observations about the Spanish adventure, both positive and negative, and in no particular order:

The worst Spanish food is infinitely better than mediocre American food and can be purchased everywhere and for a fraction of the price.

Having a 6 foot stack of blond hotness with you at all times gets things done around here.

Spain needs a smoking ban. Too many boogers, not enough Febreeze. (Note to those coming to visit: Bring extra Febreeze for us.)

We’re too old to be living in a substandard college-style apartment with the requisite patina of filth in close proximity to 4 other 20 year-olds who come home from the clubs at 6 am and hold an afterparty and holler till 7 am thru the paper-thin walls of our echoing apartment.

6 people go thru toilet paper at an alarming rate. And they didn’t have TP in the bathroom before we showed up…disturbing to think of how they managed…

(and MC forgot to mention that not only did they not have toilet paper in either bathroom, but they did not have handsoap in either bathroom. all together now: ewwww…)

They put the lightswitch to the public rooms (i.e. bathroom, living room, kitchen, etc) OUTSIDE the rooms, but the switches to the private rooms (bedrooms) inside the rooms. Weird. I get the idea of turning on the light before entering the room, but what happens if you’re in there and someone turns it off?

Supply-line style water heaters are a decently good idea, so long as you have the water pressure to back them up.

Would it really be that hard to mount a showerhead high enough on the wall so that 6-footers didn’t have to duck each time they wash their hair?


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  1. Molly permalink
    23 March 2008 8:49 pm

    oh yes…get used to the lack of toilet paper. it just doesn’t seem to be important to them. hey, no pasa nada…vale?

  2. KPeters permalink
    24 March 2008 6:54 am

    “Having a 6 foot stack of blond hotness with you at all times gets things done around here.”
    Actually I find that works anyplace.

  3. Spirit of 73 permalink
    24 March 2008 8:11 pm

    Yes, a smoking ban! And then, we can start controlling the other parts of peoples lives too!

    Hey, you started it.


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