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El Mejor

27 March 2008

This post will be short because MC and I are leaving to do a little grocery shopping in a minute and then I have to spend the rest of the evening and tomorrow morning studying because I have my first test tomorrow! Everyone in my class is freaking out a little because none of us have been tested yet (except for the first day when they determine in which level you will be placed), but I don’t think it will be too difficult. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow whether I’m right.

Last night, MC and I went on a pub crawl with our American friend and our German friend. We learned that the concept of a pub crawl is very foreign to Germans. Based on our friend’s complaints, we’re pretty sure Germans like to go to a bar and stay there and don’t you dare try to pry that beer out of their hands until they’re good and ready. And why the heck would anyone leave a warm bar with plenty of beer to walk to another one? However, we managed to convince him to soldier on for the sake of cultural exposure. Truly, pub crawl is probably not the most accurate term for our evening because we basically just tried to find bars that would serve us food for free with our drinks. Unfortunately, we seemed to be in the wrong part of the city for those types of bars. At the last bar we finally got a little bit of free food, but unfortunately for MC, the first plate was shrimp (he doesn’t eat seafood) and unfortunately for us both, the second plate was liver (we think). The bartender called it “el estomago,” (though she looked a little unsure when she said it) but we think it was actually liver. It wasn’t bad, but a little too salty for my taste. And I’m pretty sure I saw the bartenders standing in the back giggling at us – though that could have been for a number of reasons. Oh well, I’m still alive 24 hours later. We also watched the Spanish national team beat Italy’s national team. I’m assuming that the game didn’t mean too much because no one seemed particularly excited about it. In fact, los americanos probably showed the most enthusiasm and our ignorance in the process. It’s also very confusing trying to talk to people about futbol because they assume since I’m American I mean “football” (as in American football) when I say “futbol,” but I sound like a stupid American when I say “soccer.” It’s led to some truly absurd conversations.

Saturday is our German friend’s last day and our British roommate’s/friend’s last day. We’ll be going after class tomorrow for one last night out with them, but it will be pretty tame because we leave for Segovia somewhat early Saturday morning. MC has been doing quite a bit of research on Segovia, so we should be well-prepared. We’re going with the school and are not really sure what to expect because the cost is so low. So we think they might just sort of dump us off in Segovia and say “see you in a few hours!” and that’s it. If that is the case and we end up being our own tour guides, we want to make sure we can make the most of it. Anybody have any ideas of places to go, things to see, what to eat, etc?


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  1. Spirit of 73 permalink
    27 March 2008 7:50 pm

    Segovia has that one restaurant near the aqueduct where they serve the suckling pig roast that is so tender they cut it with the plates you eat it on. Other than that, there is a nice castle.

    If you want some bars that serve food too, go to the Plaza Mayor and, on the outside part of it, west side, there are a series of bars, one of which is the… I think… Bar del Champiñon, or something like that. They serve some really awesome cooked mushrooms with your drinks.


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