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Museums: A constant reminder of why I hate people.

30 March 2008

You’d think that the continent with the greatest concentration of world-class museums would have yielded a population with at least a functional understanding of how to browse and behave in one.

Our recent trip to the Thyssen-Bournemisza Museum proved that this is only wishful thinking. There is still no way to get the culture without having to put up with the uncultured.

Alas, the day they institute a mandatory Museum Etiquette class and certification program for anyone wishing to enter such establishments is still too far off.


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  1. Peter permalink
    31 March 2008 9:47 pm

    Mandatory museum etiquette? That’ll be the end of all museums! No one will go anymore and they’ll lose all their funding. And you’ll be left to read about “Guernica” on Wikipedia.

    Don’t insult the unwashed. Just try not to touch them.


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