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Impending Tole-doom!

2 April 2008

So we’re taking another excursion this weekend to Toledo, the namesake of Al’s hometown and a little under an hour south of Madrid. It’s a wicked cool place, apparently, but since I’ve never been there, and the whole damn tour will be exclusively in Spanish, and I’m only on lesson 4.5 of a 20-some-odd lesson Spanish course, I’ve been doing some preparatory research with the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide to Spain and Wikipedia. In English.

The travel guide is great, but I find the call-outs to be a little thin.

Thank Jesús in all his dulce-ness there’s the good ole Wiki (and the unlimited timescale that the unemployed lifestyle provides). An hour and a half ago, I started there trying to figure out what the hell Mudéjar style was ’cause it’s been at least six years since I cracked an art history book (it’s basically Christian Gothic design with Moorish and Jewish influence as developed in and around Toledo during Islamic occupation of the Iberian peninsula, between the 700’s CE and the Reconquista in 1492. Geometric patterns, tilework, intricate wood carvings, etc. Hot stuff.) As you can see by the plethora (do you even know what a plethora eees?) of hotlinks, I was one again sucked in by the seductive power of the Wiki. I’m now reading about the Visigoths, ’cause after the Romans, they were the next conquistadors of Spain.

Once I get some real data and shots this weekend, I’ll give a more sophisticated and learned download.

I could probably add some more links, but that’d just be gratuitous, wouldn’t it?


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