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This Thing Still On?

17 March 2010

…and we’re back! Surprised this account’s still active…

So a distinct revelation came to me in the shower this morning, the place from whence all my great ideas come. It dawned on me this morning—this morning being the day before the most Holiest of Holies that is St. Patrick’s Day— that it was exactly two years ago that Team Conison descended on the Iberian Peninsula with all the fury that two pasty-white Americans can muster. Your remember that story, right?

Anyway that got me to thinking about how much has changed in the past 24 months: we returned from Spain, bummed around a lake for the summer, moved to Chicago, turned 30, 50% of Team Conison entered grad school, we’ve had three jobs and two apartments between us, and, well, frankly were amazed that WordPress had not shut down our account due to inactivity (yay unlimited server space!).

So, over a couple of well-marinated Bushmills, and in the spirit of:
– the day (the aforementioned Holiest of Holies)
– Team Conison being at least 50% Irish (sure, you gotta use some fuzzy math, but it works),
– St. Patrick’s Day being an Irish festival,
– and Mr. Conway being a festival of Irishness,
we hereby reignite the literary flame that is The World According To Conison, with full intent to keep its bonfire burning bright for the foreseeable future. That’s right, folks, in a drunken midweek celebratory stupor, I have made the call to get this puppy back up and running! Let’s see where it goes! Who’s with me?!?!

Just to manage expectations:
The ultimate goal is to recapture the glory that this magnificent blog provided while we were in Spain and to afford the millions (tens, actually) who read it a new reason to get up in the morning. With the new job and the reasonable work hours it provides, this might actually be an attainable goal.We’re not talking a daily update, but as shi…stuff happens that we wanna write down, we’ll try and put it here. Not so much just for you to read but for us to remember. Now that we’re getting old and senile, this seems like a sensible course of action. We hope you agree.(Wait, who are we kidding…it’s all for you).

Immediate goals:
– finally finish the Spanish blog (I have my notes somewhere, I just gotta find ’em…stupid moving and the losing of stuff…)
– expand the blog from strictly a travel journal to more of a general journal to which you just happen to have access (and I happen to have reason to write excessively and sardonically within)
– for bdmc / booms to get back in the literary swing (I’m sure there’s some parallel between your writing skillz being compared to a muscle that needs regular exercise to remain sharp, but it’s been so long that I can’t remember it…clearly my writing muscle has become limp and flaccid…)

So, we hope you still give a damn and tune in, and we’ll try to keep it interesting. And speaking of interesting, OSU is in the tourney…that should provide some fodder about the direction / velocity of Thad Matta’s oral ejections.

In the lull between entries, be sure to check out our dear friend Heather’s South American Sojourn Blog here. She’s pretty badass: quit her her job and is riding a motorcycle down and back thru South America with her pops. Good times, great food.

More as it happens,
– bdmc

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  1. heathermikael permalink
    19 March 2010 4:04 pm

    this is the best. thing. ever.


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