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What a Maroon

9 May 2010

As part of our two-weekend series “Al’s Parents Come to Chicago” , we went (again) to the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center, home of the esteemed Evening and Weekend program of the elite Booth School of Business. This is where our dear Al is learning to make millions (Real Madrid help us if we don’t).

On the Sixth Floor of this monument to commerce (they have burled walnut elevators!) is the hallowed Hall of Nobel Prize-Winning Geniuses Who Have Some (Albeit Occasionally Tenuous) Connection to the University. It is here that framed monochrome photographs of physics and economics genii, overly benevolent humanitarians and astoundingly-obscure social contributors past line the cavernous hallway to inspire the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. Members of this elite fraternity include economist Milton Friedman, writer Saul Bellow and physicist Enrico “Ricky Boom-Boom” Fermi, father of the atomic bomb. Newly added to this legion is our own Dear Leader, Señor Obama. It is quite a sight to see. A very impressive bunch of Maroons.

That is all. Not my finest work, but I just wanted to write a post to use the “bunch of maroons” and “Ricky Boom-Boom” jokes.

Like I always say: “Aim low. That way, the ground’s closer when you inevitably fall.”

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