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Setting Myself Up for Failure

1 January 2011

I used to read blogs like it was my job. And, in some ways, it kind of was. Now that I have a real job in which they expect me to work (the nerve!) and I’m back in school, there are only a few blogs that I continue to read on a regular basis, one of which is Whoorl and I’m totally stealing the following idea from her. Taking a picture a day – for memory’s sake – in 2011 as a new year’s resolution. I figure it’s a good way to keep the blog updated for the plethora of readers. And since by “plethora” I mean “our mothers,” this is a great way to keep my mom updated on what’s going on since she flat out refuses to learn to text, which has become my only method of communication. I mean, the woman goes so far as to get stomach-heaving, head-throbbing, nose-runningly sick on her way to Chicago to visit, pukes out the car window seven times and then spends the entire weekend she’s here claiming an “illness” so I’ll feel too guilty to force my planned texting lesson on her. This is a woman who does NOT want to text.

But I digress. So let’s start off strong with two pictures (two! look at me over-achieving already) from New Year’s Day. Other than the fact that the Big Ten has decided to sh*t the bed today (nothing like stacking up five of the eight bowl games on one day so we can get five losses over with in one fell swoop), it’s been a wonderful, lazy day of watching football, cooking chili and staying cozy by the fire.

hoodies feel so deliciously lazy

Only twelve more months for another shot at bowl game humiliation! Happy 2011!

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  1. Hoolaha permalink
    2 January 2011 3:00 pm

    What a fabulous way to start the new year, a picture a day. Seems it could lead to keeping the heart grateful for the details we easily ignore. As always, you are off and running on the creative and fascinating track!! NYParty looked like soooo much fun. There is something about that orange label on a champagne bottle that just shouts, “SUNSHINE!” Clink! Clink! Here’s to your latest life adventure, Conison!! xx

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